Thursday, December 16


So there's this REAAALLLYYY cool site:

and not only is it a fun procrastination tool from studying for finals, but it lets you pair clothing and accessories together to create outfits. love it!


soo it's winter break... well, almost. at 6pm tommorrow after i'm done with work and two exams it will be. and thats why im restarting this blog- as a bit of a journal of my winter break experiences.

GOAL: have the most epic winter break EVER!! :)

So far, my epic plans entail: Christmas at the Coleys, hanging out with old friends, playing scrabble with my Grandma--and beating her--, Christmas itself, roadtripping to Montreal for New Years, roadtripping to Colombus Ohio, camping in the snow, and the Polar Bear Plunge.

And yes- scrabble is epic. don't judge.

Thursday, September 2

The blood in my veins is beginning to sneak
and seep away from my body.
It wants to slip through the day
and walk away from my mistakes and folly’s.
My blood, in black and blue and purple and red
drips onto a crinkled and torn, faded and forlorn
map of the world.
It follows roads to the gravestones of the living and beds of the dead.
It trickles into rivers,
into cracks in the earth’s crust.
It follows my footsteps back home.
It turns my past into dust.
I’ve tattooed my back with an American flag,
the colors running together in a black hole of pride.
I’ve tattooed my mind with dreams this nation:
the coastlines, the cities, the mountains, the countryside.